Different People; Different Styles; Different Ways To Your Best Self

Are you wondering what concierge-style health and fitness means for you?

First, it means you will never be treated as part of a category but as an individual with completely personal goals, needs and abilities. A twenty year old with balance and gait constraints shouldn’t be given the same exercises as a 55 year old with a generally solid body but lower back pain. A person who eats well but still has higher than desired belly fat can’t be educated in nutrition the same way a binge-eater who has large amounts to lose should be educated. Someone recovering from frozen shoulder needs a person trained specifically in this area who can work with their medical team. A former runner looking for new ways to exercise now that their knees can’t take the pounding needs someone who will understand both their physical and mental ability to exercise.

Second, it means that there are training options available to you. Very few people need a large gym to work out in and some don’t even feel comfortable in that environment. People needing more weight loss and nutrition education help often don’t need or want to meet three times a week or even in person. Concierge fitness gives you the option of working out of a small private fitness facility, working in your own home or even working via Skype, text message or phone or any combination of those.

Third, it means that I have a small client base, small enough that you can be given the personal attention and time that you need, regardless of your individual needs and goals. I will never pass you off to another person who doesn’t know you. I will change your program as your needs change. And I will educate you so that over time, you can do more on your own. Yes, it even means that one goal for you in my mind is that you won’t always need me at all or will only need to come back when you feel you need a refresher or a helping hand.

And finally, it means that I am trained to help you in a wide array of health and fitness goals. Look over my web site and you’ll see more about my certifications and my philosophy. And please take a moment to watch the documentary “Non-Negotiable,” about Lee, my client of five years, who epitomizes the best of what concierge-health can do.

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