Tag: functional fitness

  • Moving On: Age, Limitations, and Expectations

    “Hey, guess what I was able to do today?” Julie (not her real name) smiled, the corners of her eyes crinkling, newly cut blonde bob falling softly around her face. I had met Julie for the first time just over a year ago when she and her husband asked to work with me based on […]

  • Colder…Getting Colder

      Even in Wisconsin, it’s been a lovely fall. As I’m writing, it’s about 60 degrees–at a time of year we wouldn’t be surprised to have snow on the ground. But it will get colder and I’m going to be back to my old rant at my clients–and reminding myself–wear your scarf, put on that […]

  • Different People; Different Styles; Different Ways To Your Best Self

    Are you wondering what concierge-style health and fitness means for you? First, it means you will never be treated as part of a category but as an individual with completely personal goals, needs and abilities. A twenty year old with balance and gait constraints shouldn’t be given the same exercises as a 55 year old […]

  • Missing a piece of the fitness puzzle?

    Sure, I know. It’s summer. You’re taking walks every day; going to the pool with the kids and grandkids. Terrific! But that means you’re only doing one piece of the fitness program. Fitting in a yoga class here and there? Again, terrific. But that still leaves out a couple pieces. You’re hitting the ‘cardio’ with […]