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  • Moving On: Age, Limitations, and Expectations

    “Hey, guess what I was able to do today?” Julie (not her real name) smiled, the corners of her eyes crinkling, newly cut blonde bob falling softly around her face. I had met Julie for the first time just over a year ago when she and her husband asked to work with me based on […]

  • Back Up. Back Away.

    I gained 12 pounds in the last 9 months. Not an admission many personal trainers are willing to make. And I could give you reasons like crazy: depression, loss of a beloved pet, winter, health. None of the reasons are important when it comes down to the grit of looking at the scale climb by […]

  • Certified Medical Exercise Specialist

    I now have certification as an ACE-CMES. You may not have heard of this before so I’ll try to explain briefly how it differs from being a certified personal trainer. Even with the specialty certifications I had before–orthopedic exercise and senior fitness–I was able to work with adults who were mostly healthy without long term […]

  • Different People; Different Styles; Different Ways To Your Best Self

    Are you wondering what concierge-style health and fitness means for you? First, it means you will never be treated as part of a category but as an individual with completely personal goals, needs and abilities. A twenty year old with balance and gait constraints shouldn’t be given the same exercises as a 55 year old […]

  • Summer Spots Open

    With clients off on vacay, I’ve got spots open for new clients. It’s a great time to make that commitment to a healthier lifestyle, better eating, and a stronger body. And there are so many options: In-person training at studio melt at 202 State St or at your home or workplace gym Skype sessions if […]