Summer Spots Open

With clients off on vacay, I’ve got spots open for new clients. It’s a great time to make that commitment to a healthier lifestyle, better eating, and a stronger body. And there are so many options:

In-person training at studio melt at 202 State St or at your home or workplace gym

Skype sessions if you live a little further away or just want to keep costs down

Text and email for those of you who just need advice or a nudge–great if your main goal is nutrition advice

And there’s a noon class if you like some social interaction: Most Tuesdays at noon at melt. A class for those starting out or starting over, we work at many different levels in an easygoing atmosphere, focusing on stability, mobility and core. You can find more info at Just do a search for True Beginners Exercise.

Yeah, we've all been there!
Yeah, we’ve all been there!

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